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Felix Lee-Tenshi

It's really soft! As a beginner I cannot emphasize enough, be careful! The knot is something you have to get used to and warm up to, so please don't force anything and hurt yourself. Either way, amazing toy and very beautiful. It's also a lot bigger than I thought! (for reference, my hand is 20cm from the tip of my middle finger to edge of my hand)

Emily McGrath

Another homerun for Vulpini, this is a big toy with a silky smooth knot for easy entry, the large Rover is for veteran knotters as the bulb is very big but will reward you with a powerful stretch and full feeling. Go with soft silicone for more give to get started before firmer, so happy with this!!💗💕💖💗💕💖


This toy is fucking beautiful. I’m ordering these pour colors for any future purchases from this shop, I can genuinely just look at this thing for ages. The silicone is high quality and durable. Very flexible while still being moderately firm. Very smooth, which works for me, but if you prefer more textured toys I’d look to some of the other toys on offer here. All the sizing given is accurate. Tldr: a fantastic starter knotted toy! I have zero regrets about my purchase and will probably be looking to buy a matching one in a larger size in the future :)


I LOVE this toy - I've been looking for smaller toys since I am...very small, myself, and Rover is a good fit! Even as a small, he's a little big for me, but not so big that it doesn't present itself as a challenge. I had fun getting used to him, and fitting him in! I'm excited to train up for his knot, eventually! I'm also SUPER in love with the colours - photos don't do it justice, but it's just the perfect hue of rose pink and pearl I could have ever asked for, and I'm super pleased with how it came out!! And the squishy beans on the side omg!! I'm obsessed!!! I need like 20 of them!!! I'll definitely be buying from this shop again in the future!


Superb customer service, very nice with letting me know about my item. Shipping super quick and item looks gorgeous! Definitely recommend this seller to future buyers! 10/10!