About Our Team

Created in May 2020, Vulpini Design began as a part time hobby by two art students looking to put their skills to use creating new and unique offerings in the sex toy sphere. We wanted to offer toys that were not only pleasing to look at, but were 100% body-safe.

Founded by two college friends, one entered with a background of photography and business, while the other entered with a background of anatomy, illustration and 3D design.


These diverse skills allow them to create unique and pleasing designs, while understanding what the community desires.

We aimed to create toys that anybody could enjoy from any community, and, being college students, we wanted to make them as affordable as possible. As we grew, we quickly saw a large demand for fully customized toys, so we've ensured that with our custom builder, anybody can dial in their colors and patterns to get exactly what they want.

 All of our products are meticulously hand designed and poured in the US and are proud to be local to Rochester, New York.