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What to Know Before Buying Your First Fantasy Sex Toy

So, you are looking into buying your first fantasy sex toy, or possibly your very first sex toy at all – Congrats! There are a few things you should know before you proceed. We will go over:

Toy Materials
Toy Designs
Toy Care

Toy Materials

One of the first things you should look for when choosing a sex toy is the material it is made from. Many of the common, cheaper sex toys you will find on shelves are made from porous, or even toxic materials. Look for toys that are made from platinum-cure silicone, borosilicate glass, ABS hard plastic, or certain metal, stone, or treated woods. Other safe options may be available too. Always be sure to research materials before purchasing.

Platinum-cure silicone is a non-porous, chemically stable material, meaning it does not harbor bacteria on its surface or leech toxic chemicals. Be wary of toys that do not specify platinum cure, though, as lesser silicone may not be safe.

If you store multiple toys together in one container, be sure to separate any toys that may not be made of quality material. Stable materials, like platinum-cure silicone or borosilicate glass, will not melt or degrade over time when in contact with each other. If your toy appears to be melting or breaking down over time, your toy may not truly be made of quality material!

It is unfortunately common for toy makers to lie about the materials they use – when in doubt, reach out and ask for details about which materials they use, and where they source it from.

Toy Designs

With the right material squared away, you can move on to what makes a fantasy sex toy fantasy, the design! 

Choosing a design is a mixture of aesthetics and performance. Without the constraint of reality, you can choose toys that are able to scratch itches the real thing never could. One such example is the knot, allowing for a pleasant bump or full tie when you need it most. Some toys offer plentiful stimulating texture, while others offer a smooth, slick ride. Ultimately, what you prefer in a fantasy sex toy may require experimentation.

After you’ve found the design that is right for you, you will likely have a few more choices. These may include size, firmness, color, and pattern.

Starting off with size, the most common mistake is overestimating what you can take. It can be very difficult to gauge the actual size of a toy from the listed measurements alone. But you don’t want to end up with a toy you can’t use! One strategy to avoid overestimation is finding comparison images – often, makers display a photo of the toy beside a common object like a standard soda can. If you think you are going to struggle with a size, it’s best for you to step down to the size below. This is especially important for first-time toy purchasers. 

Firmness is another personal preference. Larger toys can be easier to take in softer firmnesses. However, some prefer firmer toys because they can be easier to control, providing easier insertion. Some may find that soft toys prevent overstimulation, while firm toys do just the opposite. Toy makers sometimes sell firmness sample kits, to get a preview before buying a whole toy.

Lastly, you will decide on color and pattern. Often, custom fantasy sex toy makers offer a variety of colors and patterns to make your toy truly unique – some examples of color patterns are faded, marbled, and ball / shaft split.

Some stores offer advanced customizations, attachments, and add-ons for sex toys. These can include special features such as suction cups, lubrication tubes, or attachment points for machines.

Now that you have customized your fantasy sex toy, you may want to consider purchasing some lubricant, or lube, to go along with it. There is a wide variety of choices, with various consistencies that you may need to experiment with to decide on your personal favorites. When using silicone toys, it’s important that you use only water-based and oil-based lubes. Any silicone-based lube may degrade your toy over time and should be avoided.

Toy Care

Ding-dong! Your fantasy sex toy is finally here! Before you go on that first date, give it a thorough wash with some dish soap, and you’re ready to go. After all is said and done, toys can generally be cleaned using mild soap. 

When in need of a deeper cleaning, such as after sharing with partners, platinum-cure silicone, glass, and some metal toys can be boiled in a pot of water for 5-10 minutes to ensure its surface is disinfected. These toys can also be cleaned in a standard dishwasher. 

When all is said and done, and it’s time to store your toy, place it in a bag or container to prevent the gathering of lint and debris. You may notice silicone toys attracting lint; this will come off easily with a quick rinse and air dry.