A pile of our fantasy dildos, sex toys, and squishies! Knots, barbs, rings, packers, oh my!

What exactly are fantasy sex toys?

Knots, rings, and barbs, oh my!

When we show our products to someone new, some of the first questions we’re ever asked are…

Question mark and exclamation point!

"What’s the point of a 'fantasy' toy?"

"Why don’t you just make 'normal' toys?"

"Why are our toys so oddly-shaped?"

"What are these toys supposed to be?"

"Are these based on real animals?"

These are all great questions, and we’d love to answer them! First of all, we’re in the business of something called “fantasy sex toy-making,” with emphasis on the “fantasy.” 

So, what’s a fantasy sex toy? Well, a fantasy toy is just a sex toy modeled after a fantasy, something that doesn’t exist in real life! We can take ideas and sculpt them into something that’s usable in the real world, in a way that really cannot be replicated in any other real-life setting. We hand-design our models, then cast and mold them using the highest-quality body-safe platinum-cure silicone, so everyone can fulfill their biggest fantasies without risk.

So, are our sex toys meant to represent real animals? NOPE! We design our fantasy sex toys and dildos with fictional, sentient, sapient fantasy creatures in mind. Some of these are anthropomorphic animals. After all, who isn’t at least a little bit into the idea of bedding a sentient werewolf, centaur, alien, furry, or dragon? We help make that happen for you! Or perhaps you’d like to become any of the above creatures… in which case you can strap one of our toys onto a harness, or pack with our Sheath, and act out your transformation fantasy!

The Sheath can be used as a fantasy packer, allowing you to transform into a werewolf or anthropomorphic canine!

We like to think our toys will especially appeal to monster lovers, sci-fi fans, furries, human pup players, roleplayers, and many more!

Some Vulpini Design fantasy sex toys! Featuring Sasha, Rover, Taro, our Beans and Sheaths, and more!

However, not all of our toys are based on fantasy creatures or anthropomorphic beings at all. For example, look at Rover’s Toy, our plug inspired by a pet toy! This still qualifies as a fantasy sex toy because it allows the user to engage in pet roleplay. (Or maybe you just always looked at a certain pet toy and thought “That’d make a nice butt plug.” You’re welcome.)

Additionally, we offer fun squishies such as the Beans and the Snout; these aren’t intended as sex toys, but simply as cute, fun, stress relieving squishy toys.

Our squishy, the Beans, by us, Vulpini Design! This big silicone paw can be ordered in custom colors and is a great squishy stress-relieving desk toy!

What physical elements of sex toys make them “fantasy” toys? There are quite a few! This is where the unusual shapes of our models come into play.

Firstly, the proportions and sizes of toys can qualify them as fantasy, since many toy shapes we offer cannot be found on human phalluses at all. These may be unusually thick or long, may be exceptionally bulbous in some parts, might have lots of small ridges or grinding areas on the base, and more. Not only can these varying proportions and shapes provide a unique physical sensation, but they can be mentally arousing to look at as well!

Some of these toys’ features fall into a few categories, such as…

Our knotted anthro canine dildo, Rover! Rover features a robust knot that will stay put once tied!

Knots – We create toys with “knots” – a girthier swelling point along the shaft of a toy that allows the user to “pop” the toy inside; the act of inserting a knot is often called “tying” – as in to tie a knot! Our most popular toy of all, Rover, is quite the well-endowed knotted dildo, staying in place very well after tying. For more advanced users, he can even be used as an anal or vaginal plug for brief periods of time.


Our girthy anthro equine dildo, Taro! Taro features a prominent medial ring as well as a flare!

Medial Rings – A similar effect can be achieved through other bumps and swells on toys, such as on “medial rings” – which are thicker ridges found along the shaft of a toy, such as on our beloved Taro. Medial rings are meant to be felt while thrusting a toy.

Flares – Along with medial rings, there may also be a flared tip, or a “flare,” which can create an intense sensation upon insertion and during thrusting, as the tip stimulates one’s inner walls.


Our barbed dildo, Sasha! Sasha is an anthropomorphic tiger design studded with barbs!

Barbs – Another stimulating fantasy feature is barbs! Our toy Sasha features a barbed shaft, as it is decorated by many nubs that massage your sensitive areas during use. The word “barb” sounds a bit scary, but Sasha’s barbs are rounded and made of squishy, bendy silicone, so you can safely play out a barbed feline cock fantasy on your own terms.


Hunter is our realistic human dildo!

So… do we only make fantasy toys? Not at all! Variety is the spice of life, and we want our body-safe toys to be accessible to everyone, even if they’re not into fantasy characteristics.

We’ve created our realistic dildo, Hunter, for those folks who just want a realistic humanoid design that’s body-safe and offered in multiple firmnesses and custom colors. Plus, our Classic dildo is a minimalistic, beginner-friendly shape. We have many more plans for simpler toys like this down the line, so stay tuned!